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Maxim Shalavin Chef Rotisseur by Chaine des Rotisseurs in Russia

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Stroganoff Steak House is the largest steak house in Russia and one of the biggest in Europe.  
The restaurant was opened on the 10th of May, 2007 in the very center of St. Petersburg, in the historical building, where barracks and stables of the Horse Guards were located before the Revolution.

The gastronomical concept of the Stroganoff is a rare example of the well-balanced cuisine of a capital restaurant with the “meat profile”, which takes into account both the preferences of meat-eaters and foreigners’ interest towards Russian plates.

Each morning, there is a breakfast menu in the restaurant, which, besides classic position, contains the largest selection of variations of “Benedict” eggs.

The restaurant has a children’s play room with various toys, books, coloring books and table games for the youngest. On weekends, entertaining and educative programs from professional activity organizers take place, there are nanny services, on Fridays and weekends a special kid menu is available.


Working hours: 8 am till midnight. 10 am till midnight.

+7 (812) 314-55-14          
+7 (931) 314-55-38

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